Don't Let "What If" Ruin Your Day!

If we had a friend who thought their life was going to cease to exist because of one perceived “missed opportunity,” we would quietly tell t

Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen…

I think sometimes we view the loss of control as a scary, or even a point of failure sometimes. But neither of these points are true. Not b

I Decided Against It All...

Allow me to reintroduce myself…my name is (if you didn’t yell “Hov,” we really need to talk about your fun level in life). But let me...

So, what if I...stayed in my lane?

God made each of us stewards of the gifts and talents He provides. Stewards, not God by proxy, but stewards. Meaning, it is our job to take

So, what if I...lost myself?

We start early in life trying to place all the right pieces in the perfect order to create the life that we desire. However, life never eve

So, what if I...lived beyond my feelings?

When we’re led by how we feel, we’re ultimately being children. And not a child of God in the good way. Nah, we’re being “it’s my party and

So, what if I...believed?

The only “sure” way to move ahead is to evict those old memories that have taken up residence in our hearts. We must serve an immediate noti

So, what if I...told the truth?

...Because while we’re in pursuit of being happy and living out best lives, we become insecure when the answer is “I’m just not there yet.”

So, what if I...stopped asking why?

For some reason, we like to think if we knew all the details of everything coming, we would be more inclined to participate without hesitati

So, what if I...built a solid foundation?

Sometimes we know the foundation we have won’t support the weight that’s coming. We know the foundation we have doesn’t support the weight

So, what if I...spoke better words?

Now, are we justified in winning these fake battles in the privacy of our homes? Heck yeah! There are times in life where we have been legit

So, what if I...stopped playing with fire?

The “fire” in our lives is different for each person. For some of us, we are perpetually in the same relationship (or situationship), but wi

So, what if I...guarded my heart?

If we knew our physical heart were breaking down a little every day, we would scramble to find a solution because we want to live. The same

So, what if I...actually asked?

I don’t like to ask for help…or feedback…or suggestions…or advice…or anything that would make it seem as though I don’t have it all together

So what if I...moved forward?

Now, I know that perfection is subjective (and not real) and so do you. But that has never stopped any of us from trying to rewrite and re-

So, what if I...started small?

Because exactly where is the somewhere I’m supposed to start? Does it have a GPS locations? Are there other people there I can call in case

So, what if I was...actually present ?

If we are each one whole being that means at best we are only using a fragment of ourselves with ever task we take on. While we have bits a

So, what if I...showed up like I belong

Because more often than we care to admit, we get to a place that we asked (begged) God for and then feel ridiculously inadequate and underpr