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Keeping It Simple: Enjoy

Life circumstances will rarely be perfect, but we do our part to have joy anyway.

Keeping It Simple: Unknown

If we’re fearful about not knowing His will, relationships, career changes or life moves, we need to own it…then open our mouths to tell Him

Keeping It Simple: Day-To-Day

We are not required to “fix” everything that comes our way in one moment. We are only responsible for this day.

Keeping It Simple: Recap

Let's take a few moments to recap and recoup before we begin week three!!!

Keeping It Simple: Reflection

Reflection is not meant to be a taxing process. It is meant to take effort, not take your sanity.

Keeping It Simple: Roles

Role ambiguity occurs in any area of life where we become unsure of what is being asked or required of us.

Keeping It Simple: Words

We cannot privately down ourselves and expect to be publicly at peace. That’s not how this works. We must use the words we want to live.

Keeping It Simple: Reflect

Hey guys! Wanted to do a recap of this week with you as we prepare to head into week two of “Keeping It Simple.”

Keeping It Simple: Rest

In order for us to have the energy and clarity needed for the long term, we must shut it down sometimes in the short term.

Keeping It Simple: Acceptance

Do not shy away from your light, accept it. Accept that you are noticeable and that something in you speaks for Him.

Keeping It Simple: Direction

Direction is intentional and purposeful…but much like in a car, we can only travel in one direction at a time.

Keeping it Simple: Yea or Nay?!

One of my favorite one-liners is “the stress is in the indecision.” Not being able to say a firm yes or no to the smallest of decisions has

Grow. Revise. Repeat.

To know me is to know I am a top-tier supporter of other people being able to make mistakes (or what they believe is a mistake) and grow som

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