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Have you ever said any of the following things to yourself? :

  1. My life is in shambles.


  3. I know God wants something from me, but I have no idea what it is.

  4. I know there’s more to life than just this.

  5. What does being closer to God even look like?!

If you answered yes to at least one of these, you are definitely not by yourself. Welcome to what seemed like a perpetual cycle in my life. For much longer than I would ever care to admit, I swirled these same statements and questions around in my head for months and months (and months and months). I’m one of those people who can get consumed with an idea or ideas if I’m not careful. Being consumed with these thoughts cost me my sleep, my focus and most unfairly my peace. Finally (and in more frustration than anything), I took my thoughts to God. I asked Him how long I was supposed to fight to understand Him and to be this person He wanted me to be! Peacefully and quietly He answered me, “Until it hurts.” Meaning, I was to give to Him until I had no more to give. 

If you are at a place where you are just tired and you feel as though you’ve exhausted all the energy you have left, take this day-to-day journey with me to a more connected and authentic place with God.

Turn the page to a better relationship.

Until It Hurts

Until It Hurts is a six-week journey of developing a more intimate relationship with God.

$15, plus s&h

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