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When I sat down to write a small biography of myself, my biggest (overwhelming) thoughts were how do I make this interesting and relevant at the same time. I figured I would approach it the same way I do most of my writing, as if I’m having a conversation with you. So, hello there! I’m Melinda, it’s nice to meet you!


To tell you a little about myself, I am originally from Union Springs, AL. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone! It’s a small town near Montgomery, AL of about 4,000 people. (Now you know you’re from a small town when you use nearby larger cites as your reference point!) But it had everything I needed.


I graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor of arts in Public Relations in 2010. Not too long afterwards in 2012, I completed my masters of science in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Southern Mississippi. Needless to say my football seasons are full and stressful! But War Eagle and Southern Miss To The Top!


Currently, I am a university instructor; a road to which was about as winding as my road to this place with Christ in my life. I absolutely adore the work that I’m able to do and the people I’m graced to come in contact with each semester. I might not always sound like it, but I am (insert nervous laughter for anyone who has ever read my end-of-semester Facebook posts)!


So, how did I get to this place with Christ? That’s a wonderful question! My goal is to be as concise as possible here, because this story spans at least a decade. Naturally, I can be one of thee most determined, driven and unmoving people you have ever met. While those sound like great resume qualities, those are also Melinda code words for stubborn and hard headed. I went through years of believing God exist, but not really buying into the whole idea of trust and submission. Sound familiar to anyone else??? Well, now I am here. Not as a shining example of how to an ideal follower of Christ (but I’m actively pursuing that as well). But I am here as a clear testimony as to how God will love you right into a beautiful relationship with Him. I mean, who does that?! Who loves someone into the best relationship ever when all they ever wanted to be was stubborn and pseudo self-sufficient?! Well, God does! Now I know that as a fact and He’s graced me with the journey of sharing with others! 


I hope this helps you know me at least a little bit more! 


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