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Grow. Revise. Repeat.

Grow. Revise. Repeat.

Like any other time that I have needed to sit down a push out a blog post, I have over thought it to the point of being annoyed with myself once again. So, if nothing else I am ending this year very on brand!!!

But all jokes aside, each blog post is so tough because it really forces me to be a little more human, authentic, and patient with myself and others. You could go anywhere else and read a bunch of fluff, the goal here was to always provide a space for all the hot messes of the world to feel seen (and heard) while we try to be more efficient and effective hot messes moving forward. That was really a lot of words to say, did y’all know that growth is messy and pretty much never-ending?! That’s a real question! I thought we were friends, why didn’t y’all tell me!

Now before you say, “we thought you knew sis,” let me stop you. Nah, I missed something!


To know me is to know I am a top-tier supporter of other people being able to make mistakes (or what they believe is a mistake) and grow somewhere different (see what I did there). Like really, my dream career is to be a Fairy Hype Mother, much like a Fairy Godmother, but far louder and more excited! That’s a large part of the reason I became a therapist. I thoroughly enjoy getting to be a part of someone’s story as they chose to write or rewrite it (that was poetic wasn’t it?! you’re welcome!). But like any good story, you have a draft and then you have several revisions before you get to the version you love the best.

Somehow, as a writer, therapist, and honestly someone who just talks to strangers because the sun came up today, I missed that I too must participate in the revision process (insert Minions shocked face). But like every post, this isn’t even very much so about me, it’s about the fact that I’m never the only one with these thoughts and questions. So if you’re still reading, it probably means that you also thought that you were going to somehow circumvent this growth process (insert your own shocked Minion face).


But I have a plan this time! To be fair, I always have some kind of makeshift plan, but this one is actually useful. A goal of mine has been to incorporate more of my therapy background into what I believe with my faith. So, from January 6-26, 2020, I will be posting daily around the topic in this post! We’re going to look at growth and balance head on…while keeping it SIMPLE!

The thing that takes us out the quickest is being overwhelmed by trying to make all the growth happen over a three-day weekend. So, no. Not doing that. But we will reflect on some really import things and hopefully gain more peace…which sounds like a much better outcome!

This is not a “new year, new me” kind of deal. Same you (and me), but with a few revisions *wink*!

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