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#BreakingTheCycle: The Defense of Logic

#BreakingTheCycle: The Defense of Logic

“Makes sense to me.”

This simple one liner right here usually comes after we have just explained one of our newest plans to someone (or explained it to ourselves) or after someone else has presented their thoughts to us. No matter who the audience is, typically we’re looking for a plan to make sense. And if it doesn’t, we look for a really polite way to say we want no parts of the foolishness (or not so polite way depending on how crazy it sounds).

But there really is no exact science to a plan “making sense.” I mean, we look for certain elements in a plan, but there is no proven formula. Why? Because as people if we want something strongly enough, we will make a plan make sense! Not only will we make a plan make sense, we will find at least one other person who agrees with us so we feel like we have support (because no one likes feeling crazy alone).

The opposite is true as well. We can hear or create the most concise, organized and well-designed plan ever developed, but if we have already decided that it was going to be a no-go from the beginning that plan never leaves the ground. We will create holes and limitations in that plan that never existed.

Our logic and reasoning skills can be the strongest forces in our lives at times.


Now, if you’re reading this post (or the entire series), chances are you already believe in Christ. If you don’t, you’re interest has probably still been sparked in this Jesus fellow and you want to see what all this chatter is about. Either is fine with me. But no matter what stage of following Jesus we’re in, we must have discovered by now that this Christ-centered life is a little atypical and downright weird sometimes.

But then again, Jesus was all about the atypical and the weird. Don’t believe me, let’s look at some of Jesus’ logic when He was walking the earth.

Jesus calling the first disciples (Matthew 4:19)

Jesus: “Hey! Two brothers that I’ve never met before [Simon and Andrew], drop your nets, leave your job, leave your home and come follow me.”

Simon and Andrew: "Okay!"

And the two brothers go! *mind explodes*

Can you imagine Jesus trying to ask us this question today when we try to apply our logic to the situation? In my imagination, the scene plays out quite a bit differently. Let’s explore.

Jesus trying to call us like Simon and Andrew

Jesus: “Hey! You behind the desk, answering emails and simultaneously online shopping, stop what you’re doing, quit your job and follow me.”

Us: *looks around to see if He is talking to someone else* First of all sir, do you have an appointment? Also, do you have some form of ID? How did you make it back here in the first place? Exactly where are we supposed to be going? Will there be snacks (I like snacks)? Who else is coming? Because you know I don’t talk to Tina in Accounting like that.


Seemingly, we would ask Jesus all these questions and still never answer the one He asked us in the first place. Honestly, this isn’t hypothetical at all for many of us. Jesus asked us to drop our old lives and follow Him. But instead of following Him, we’ve been asking Him a litany of questions that never replied to His original command.

Logic tells us that we should take care of our to-do list of questions and then branch out. God tells us to seek Him and then our to-do list of life will be handled (Matthew 6:33).

If we’re going to follow Christ, who specializes in the atypical and the weird, then there’s probably a good chance that our lives won’t fit nicely into any box. Which is actually pretty awesome, when we think about it.


Chat with God


In what three areas are you most logical?


What is it about these areas? Is God invited to these areas?


What is your one sentence prayer to God in this situation?


Please invite a friend to this series who you think would like to join this journey!

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