So, what if I...lived beyond my feelings?

When we’re led by how we feel, we’re ultimately being children. And not a child of God in the good way. Nah, we’re being “it’s my party and

Own It!

#BreakingTheCycle: Own It If you’ve ever been around small children (infant aged), then you have probably played the face hide-and-seek game with them. You know, where you cover their little faces with your hand and wait for them to be surprised and happy that you’re still there when you move your hand. Or if baby isn’t having any of that disappearing stuff that day, he/she may get slightly fussy when you come with the games. But whether joyful or upset, babies that young con

Where There's Smoke There's Fire

#BreakingTheCycle: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire I’m from a pretty small town. And on top of that, I lived most of my life outside of the city limits of that small town. So something that I’m used to seeing quite often is people burning dead grass, leaves and anything else yard related so it can all grow back better in the spring months. This is also how my mother almost burned down our house at least three times (just ask my brother, he can verify). But that’s a different

Those Sneaky Emotions!

#BreakingTheCycle: Those Sneaky Emotions! After finishing graduate school, I had the most amazing opportunity to be a children’s therapist for a school system nearby. Even though I serviced kindergarten through 12th grade, there was always something about by elementary kids that I loved so much. It was probably because no matter how much of a fake adult I thought I was being that day, to a six-year-old I was as real of an adult as it could get. I also loved how creative (or