Stay In Or Stay Out

#BreakingTheCycle: You have to be in or out Do you remember those summer days or good weather weekends when we were younger and would actually spend time outside? We would play all kinds of games with our friends, run around and just invent little things to do! Now, I wasn't the biggest fan of being outdoors when I was younger, but I dabbled. But there was so shortage to our creativity...until we wanted a break to go back inside the house. And summers in the south gave (and s

Sharing is Caring

#BreakingTheCycle: Sharing is Caring If we take a look back at any given PBS television show in the past 30 years, there are probably hundreds of episodes of some giant fuzzy, furry, feathery character trying to impart life wisdom into our eight-year-old selves. And if it wasn’t a character, it was a nice man in a cardigan who invited us to be his neighbor every day after school. (I’m leaving Barney off the list because I didn’t like him then and my protest is going 20+ years

Those Sneaky Emotions!

#BreakingTheCycle: Those Sneaky Emotions! After finishing graduate school, I had the most amazing opportunity to be a children’s therapist for a school system nearby. Even though I serviced kindergarten through 12th grade, there was always something about by elementary kids that I loved so much. It was probably because no matter how much of a fake adult I thought I was being that day, to a six-year-old I was as real of an adult as it could get. I also loved how creative (or