Fear Is Not A Factor...Or Maybe It Is

Fear is not a factor…Or maybe it is For much of the early 2000’s I was mildly addicted to this reality show on NBC called Fear Factor. If you don’t remember the show, here’s a brief recap. Each episode, numerous contestants would presumably complete dangerous/frightening stunts and competitions with the hope of winning a large cash prize. I’m not quite sure if it was the competitiveness, the challenges, or my sheer disbelief that someone would participate in those activities

[UN]Junked! Okay, so what is that?!

What is [Un] Junked? And why does this blog even exist? These are both wonderful questions! About 5 years ago (maybe more), I was walking through a drug store and at the register there was this candy brand that I’d never seen before. With the influx of “healthy” options, this brand claimed to be the sweets that people loved without all the extra additives. I mean they offered all the alternatives to M&Ms, Reese, Hershey, etc… I love chocolate and I love not ingesting artifici